Holland Roden in Bring It On: Fight to the Finish

About PATD

So,I’ve been a fan of this outstanding band for +/- 6 months now and while I still don’t know all the small deets,I kind of feel like I’ve learned a lot about this band via Youtube and you guys and all that.

BUT I don’t get one thing though - there was this guy in the reunited version of P!ATD,named Ian Crawford (who played the guitar,along with Dallon). So what happened to him? I just watched one of their latest concert videos and there’s another guy playing the guitar and like,who’s that one?

I know that Spencer’s dealing with some stuff right now so there’s another dude who plays the drums as well,that I know,but what ever happened to Ian? Anyone? Fill me in please!

Would you like some truth, Winston? Here’s some truth for you, okay?


favorite teen wolf characters: Lydia Martin

Do you have an IQ higher than 170?

Re-watching “Hat Trick” because of Sebastian Stan (and also because it’s on TV right now).

He was so brilliant as the mad hatter that I think pretty much most of the OUAT guest stars can’t really compare. Your thoughts?

Mike Warren + smiling


do you ever zone out and your body does all the work for you and then you come back to reality like in the shower or driving like did i just miss the last 20 mins was  i stuck in my own head for that long